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  • "Hand in Hand" Jianfeng Group to build a new stage of human resources management


    In order to build a perfect management system, improve the management ability of the company, and enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise, Jianfeng has held a human resources management counseling project in our company since December 2017, Systematic training and guidance on how to sort out department responsibilities and post responsibilities

    Training and coaching. On 11th day of this month, the last coaching ended, and a summary of the whole counseling was made. Leaders and supervisors of all departments of the company participated in this training.

    The purpose and significance of the organization structure setting in this training, process combing, how to establish the work manual and specification of working conditions, how to define the department's responsibilities and job responsibilities, and how to carry out the important responsibilities in the department's responsibilities and how to distinguish with general responsibilities

    Key assessment index extraction is systematically explained. Let the staff have specific operation guidance on how to sort out the department responsibilities and Post responsibilities, and at the same time make clear their position in the organization and their role in the development of the organization.

    PART 01

    In the project of management guidance, the project teacher of Jianfeng firstly conducted Department guidance alone with the directors of each department, and put forward relevant guidance opinions according to the organizational functions and related status of different departments, help the department to make better development and progress in human resource management and project development.

    PART 02

    After the tutoring of each department, all department directors participated in the tutoring summary meeting. The president's assistant, the teachers of Jianfeng Group and the director of Jianfeng Group attended the meeting together.

    Through several months of persistent improvement, the human resource management project has achieved a lot of results. Each department can achieve reasonable positioning, neat placement and clear identification, which is worthy of praise. But at the same time, we should also clearly realize our own shortcomings. All employees should find problems and improve them in time in continuous persistence, improve the results of human communication, reduce costs and improve production efficiency, make Human Resource Management persevere.

    The development of human resources consulting project can build and perfect the human resources management system for the company, and help us find out the problems encountered in the process of human resources management and the methods and skills to solve the problems, it will enable the company to have a strong self-hematopoietic function in human resources management, and finally realize the harmonious integration of human resources management and enterprise development strategy.

    This training came to a successful end. Thanks to Jianfeng's patient guidance and the cooperation of all departments in the company. For the development of an enterprise, human resources are of great significance. In the future development, our company will continue to lead the staff's thoughts, change their behaviors and unite their hearts and minds, create inexhaustible impetus for the long-term development of Green New Materials together.

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