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  • LJ Aliphatic superplasticizer

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    LJ Aliphatic superplasticizer

    The best dosage should be determined by the test according to the strength grade
    This product can be directly added into concrete with mixing water at the same time, or it can be mixed into concrete with the formula added later.
    The product index meets the standard of high-efficiency water reducing agent in (GB8076-2008).

    Area Applicable

    The main ingredient of this product is aliphatic polycyclic aromatic sulfanate, which has the characteristics of high water reducing rate, early strength and good reinforcement effect. The hardening shrinkage rate of concrete is low, and it has good applicability for different kinds of cement, it is suitable for the preparation of liquid concrete, commercial concrete and sprayed concrete, and can also be used as the composite pump material of admixture Composite Manufacturers. it is especially applicable to high strength concrete and steam curing concrete (Reinforced Concrete Engineering, prestressed concrete engineering and h pc pipe pile ).


    This product is a brown red liquid with stable chemical properties, non-toxic, non-combustible, no crystallization in winter, and no corrosion effect on steel bar. The product index meets the standard of high-efficiency water reducing agent in (GB8076-2008).

    The dosage of this product is 1.5%-2.5% of the cement dosage, and the recommended dosage is 2.0%. The best dosage should be determined by the test depending on the strength grade of the anchor, and the recommended dosage of this product should be added into the concrete, water reducing rate ≥ 20% can save more than 20% of cement, and high strength brace above C60 can be made with grade 42.5 cement. And improve the workability of concrete, improve the strength of concrete, and improve the physical properties of concrete such as fracture resistance, permeability resistance and frost resistance.


    This product is brownish red liquid, so when mixed, it will cause the surface of the unhardened mound to be yellow, but it will not affect the physical and mechanical properties of the brace, and it will disappear naturally after hardening.

    It should be covered and stored to avoid sun exposure, rain and freezing.

    The shelf life of this product is half a year, and it can only be used after passing the test again if it exceeds the shelf life.

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