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  • LJ polycarboxylic acid high performance water reducing agent

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    LJ polycarboxylic acid high performance water reducing agent

    Area Applicable
    It is applicable to high-strength pumped commercial concrete, high-durability concrete, high-fluidity concrete self-leveling concrete, large-volume concrete, underwater drilling cast-in-place concrete, marine engineering anti-corrosion concrete and clear-water concrete with high requirement, steam curing concrete and so on.


    The appearance of this product is looking for liquid, which is made up of carboxyl unsaturated monomer  . It has excellent performance for concrete such as high water reducing rate, high strength, low shrinkage and so on, and it’s  a new generation of environmental protection product, non-toxic, non-combustible, no sediment, no corrosion effect on steel bar.

    Add the water reducing agent following recommended dosage into the concrete, and its water reducing rate is above 20%, and it can obviously improve the workability, water retention and pump property of the newly mixed concrete, it can also improve the strength, permeability, frost resistance, durability and other physical and mechanical properties of concrete.

    The concrete mixed with proper amount of this product has high mobility, and the slump loss of concrete is small or almost no loss. It has better adaptability to all kinds of cement and admixture (such as fly ash, slag powder, etc.)

    P. O42.5 ordinary Portland cement can be used to prepare C20-C80 mixed concrete for commodity pumping, P. 052.5 Portland cement can be used to add special mineral admixture to prepare C60, C80, C100M high-performance concrete. The enhancement effect is remarkable, and the compressive strength of 3d is improved by 50 ~ 110%, 28 the instantaneous pressure strength increases by 40 ~ 80%, 90d compressive strength increased by 30 ~ 60%

    Low shrinkage can significantly reduce the contraction of concrete, and its freeze-thaw resistance and carbonization resistance are obviously better than ordinary concrete;improve obviously the volume stability and long-term durability of concrete.
    The alkali content is extremely low, and the alkali content ≤ 2%, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of alkali aggregate reaction.

    Volume Method

    When the solid content of the product is 20%, use 0.8%-2.5% (commonly used 1.0-1.4%) (based on the total amount of gelling materials),  when the solid content of the product is 30%  ,use 0.7-1.0% (based on the total amount of gelling materials)


    Before using this product, trial configuration must be conducted according to the requirements of the project on concrete, and the dosage should be adjusted through test.

    It is applicable to on-site mixing concrete and pumping concrete mixing process, and extend the mixing time of concrete appropriately.

    This product should not be compounded with naphthalene additive, and shall be tested when it is mixed with other additives.

    The storage tank(drum) must be covered and placed in a cool and dry place to prevent sun exposure, freezing, contamination, water inflow or evaporation.

    The guarantee period of this product is 3 months. Tests in needed before use when this product is out of date.


    1000KGS IBC / Tank truck


    This product is in line with the national standard GB8076-2008 for concrete additives.

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